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Lon Welcome

Having been an artist for over 40 years, I feel that the act of painting is my first language. I paint from life and use color and repetition of pattern to create my detailed canvases. I try to capture the essence or personality of each individual or subject I paint.

The work questions the history of religion and the objectification of women and men in society, examining the role of male and female beauty. I also believe in the importance of visual pleasure in painting including the status of paintings as object or image.

Integrity, passion, beauty and love are essential components in creating my work. Artists bring magic, hope, love and fresh thinking into what can be a stagnant and predictable world.

I reside in Lodi WI, in USA, with my husband Todd Olson, and 1 wonderful sweet dog named Bazzy. My beautiful studio/gallery overlooks the magnificent Baraboo mountain range close to Lake Wisconsin. I paint to live and live to paint, my gratitude overflows.

Lon Michels

Lon Michels

The paintings of Lon Michels are suffused with light and energy. His subjects vary from still-life, landscape and portraiture all guided by perceptions that are visionary-like. Saturated with invigorating colors and blanketed in fantastic patterning, each canvas offers an overflow of a life lived large.

With his unique vision, Michels challenges the viewer to search each work for many hidden visual treasures. The artist received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was nominated for a Joan Mitchell grant in 2007.